Coming from a background in biomedical research, my desire to create spaces for experimentation outside of research institutions arise from wanting to go beyond the four walls. This process was accelerated by meeting the hackteria network in Switzerland.

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hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Equipment
member, board member
2016 Bern Lab in a Conference Room
Here, I found the convergence of art, do-it-yourself spirit, inclusiveness.
“Hackteria is a network of people practicing DIY (do-it-yourself) biology with an interest in art, design and interdisciplinary cooperation. … and now includes not only scientists, engineers and artists, as you would expect, but also philosophers, entrepreneurs, and even foodies and chefs.Hackteria is not based in a physical space, and its goal is to allow artists, scientists and hackers to collaborate and test various biohacking and bioart techniques outside the official laboratories and art institutions, basically anywhere in the world.” – Denisa Kera, 2012
The collaborators came together to start the BIODESIGN for the REAL WORLD project at the HackteriaLab 2011 in Romainmôtier.


hackuariumhackuarium panorama
founding member
“At Hackuarium, we want to bring biology (and biologists) to the world, and the real world back to biology. Our laboratory is an excuse to meet and discuss, build and develop ideas in a neutral, open, noncompetitive and not-for-profit environment.”


atélier hirokourihirokouri
This location was a former dance studio, then an atelier for another painter.
The name comes from the combined last names of my first co-atelier-mate, Sophia, an artist.
Idea board for construction on tumblr.

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