harm reduction

We wanted everyone to come access the information.
not only the conscientious kids
but also the sex crazed
or people selling their bodies [for sex]
A place for anyone and everyone

…we are here to say anything goes [no one is judged by what they do or don’t do]
    akta community Center, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Yukio Cho

I first learned about harm reduction through my circle of friends working with the well-being of the GLBT communities and the homeless. Having been brought up in a top-down environment, there was near instant affinity to the need for safe space, where effort is spent on reducing harm, rather than punishing actions. The need to create such a safe space also exists in the emergency room for survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.
Founder and Organizer

The mission of QQ* is to provide an online forum that encourages youth in Japan to explore heart, mind, body and sexuality. We believe that becoming informed in a judgment-free environment leads to confidence in making individual life choices. Through making information accessible, QQ* aims to mirror the diversity and complexity of the youth experience.


The vision included a mobile clinic, workshops, and events.

Project Respect header

Workshops, and events were successfully realised by collaborators in Japan as a campaign, Project Respect 2006 (internet archive site).

The lesson learned was that I need to be local.


The website is currently being reconstructed. Please see the internet archive version.
The original logo of QQ* was designed by Liane Fredel.
The logo of Project Respect 2006 was ideated by the Project Respect team

Training at the Harm Reduction Coalition Training Institute            2004
New York, NY

  • Introduction to Harm Reduction
  • Introduction to Facilitation
  • Sex Radical Approaches to HIV Prevention



“breaking down institutional systems and individual attitudes that isolate and blame survivors”

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program SAVI_logo

Educator, Trained Volunteer Emergency Room Advocate
Mount Sinai Hospital, NY

Having qualified through 40 hours of training in crisis intervention by the SAVI program, I spent 4 years on-call as a trained volunteer advocate in Manhattan and Queens. The advocate’s role is “to provide immediate crisis intervention, emotional support, and information to female and male survivors of rape, sexual assault, incest, and domestic violence”, which requires fluency in the medical, legal procedures and patient rights. In the last year, I was selected and worked as a facilitator for new advocate training.

Observing the workings of the SAVI program I learned from their organisation of a 200+ volunteer force for emotionally intensive work, especially the structure of the training, the support and compartmentalised protection of the volunteer workforce.

Rape Crisis Counselor Confidentiality Privilege, New York State Department of Health (2004)

SAVI website

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