bíos – life, living matter, also as in biography
poiēsis – act of making

Welcome to the web representation of Sachiko Hirosue,
where the seemingly divergent range of interests both theoretical and in practice are given balanced importance in one place


a _supershort_ version
a curious student, educator, connector and maker of spaces in in-between places

a _short_ version
My interests lie where biotechnology interfaces with society. In addition to solid research years in drug, gene delivery and now, immunoengineering, other foci such as art and science, DIY biology and public health outreach reflect the broader sphere of my activities.

a _hackteria_ version
Sachiko Hirosue, Sci.D. is a bioengineer and educator, primarily interested in critical territories where science intersects with society. In practice, this translates to creating alternative spaces in dominant cultures to approach science and technology differently.

These intersections include public health outreach and art festival organization, as well as her work in Switzerland at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), where she is a senior scientist at the interface of vaccine development, biomaterials and lymphatic biology.

The hackteria network inspired her to initiate a transdisciplinary open science collaboration, BIODESIGN for the REAL WORLD with (Art)ScienceBLR (India) and Lifepatch (Indonesia), focused on analysis and mapping of water quality.

Through her endeavors, she bridges boundaries, practices outside-of-the-box thinking and builds collaborations to shape a world that reflects a diversity of possibilities.


science stories
harm reduction
reimagining life science

I arrived at giving the name biopoiesis without fully appreciating the history of the word.
Biopoiesis is the “primordial soup” hypothesis of the origins of life, where life (bios) is thought to have arisen (poïesis) from non-living matter.
Online, there are other projects that assume the moniker, including a site on the origins of life. It is not happenstance that I also found the work entitled biopoiesis by the DPrime Lab (Kansas, US), a nonprofit research institution.

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